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If you are looking for a vacation home in Costa Rei, or a vacation apartment in Costa Rei, you will realize how much tourist offer there is.

Costa Rei Home Holidays

You’ve probably wondered how best to spend your vacation in this beautiful location in southeastern Sardinia.You’ve probably considered the possibilities of staying among Hotels, resorts, and rentals of houses or apartments from private owners.Choosing a vacation home in Costa Rei allows you to have maximum independence on schedules, travel, and organization.

Costa Rei Holidays Apartments

Probably in your search you would like to know if there are beach apartments, beach bungalows, houses for rent from private individuals in the center of the town.Thanks to the web you can very well search for your vacation home in Costa Rei without the help of real estate agencies, you are free to choose the best tourist offer in terms of quality and price.Be careful, however, to select the apartment near the sea for your vacation in Costa Rei.

Free Beach Apartments

Searching for a vacation home rental by the sea in Sardinia can become difficult in the vast panorama of apartment rentals by the sea, as the areas of Costa Rei where you can find apartments for rent for vacations 2024 are many, for example you can find apartments in Rei Marina, apartments in Monte Nai, apartments directly by the sea, or in residences, apartments for two people, for a family of 4 with children. Renting apartments in Sardinia in August, when Italian tourists are the majority of tourism, is usually quite challenging, everyone wants beachfront apartments, whether they are rented in July, August, September or October, the demand for beachfront apartments remains fixed, all tourists even foreigners obviously prefer to rent houses in the sea area, with free wifi, possibly from private individuals.

Costa Rei Vacation Rentals Homes

Costa Rei stretches along its beach for a good 8Km in length, the houses that are located in front of the sea, the apartments on the beach, are not so many.Most of the vacation homes then are located in the inner part of the coast, towards Monte Nai, that is the highest part of the town.Being therefore above the sea, they are reached by driving uphill roads, mandatory therefore the use of the car to get around Costa Rei. This inevitably implies compromises to be accepted when you come on vacation here, if you choose a house for rent away from the sea, maybe a cheap house, a low-cost and cheap apartment.Keep in mind how crucial is the travel factor.Make your choice for your vacation in Costa Rei taking into account these elements, evaluate the best offer for renting an apartment in Costa Rei that is the most viable solution for your vacation in Sardinia. 

Costa Rei Rentals Apartments on the beach

Look for your accommodation in Sardinia for your vacation 2024, finding a home for your summer vacation can be really difficult, you need to make a selection of tourist offers, whether they refer to accommodation and housing in a condominium, in a palace, or villa, villino, villetta or if you want a vacation in nature even a farmhouse. The great thing about spending vacations in Sardinia or vacations in Costa Rei is that you can admire the enchanting views of the coast, take pictures of the shoreline, send the shots to your friends on instagram of when you are on the shore, at sunset on the sandy shore, see your child playing on the shoreline of the beach, running on the shoreline and dipping his feet in the shallow water.Holidaying in Sardinia is the possibility at a one hour flight from Milan or Rome to experience the vacations by giving yourself the right period of rest and leisure.

The weather in Costa Rei is always splendid, with sunny days and little rain, temperatures are mild in spring and autumn.

The beaches in Costa Rei are divided along the coastline, we remember the beach of Punta Santa Giusta, Scoglio di Peppino, Le ginestre, Rei Marina, and Le saline.

Campgrounds in Costa Rei are located in spots near the sea, such as Camping Capo Ferrato the Le Dune campground.

The most important villages are Santa Giusta, Veraclub, Eos Village, and Free Beach.

Many also look for houses for sale, because it is a highly sought-after tourist resort.

Staying in agritourism or B&B, there are various options to choose from near the beach or further inland with lower prices.

Costa Rei establishments : the Jessy Beach kiosk, the Juniper, equipped beaches with dinghy rentals for excursions to the marine protected oasis of Serpentara.

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