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The tourist resort of Costa Rei (sometimes called Costa Rey) is a seaside hamlet belonging to the municipality of Muravera in the Sarrabus region of south-eastern Sardinia and faces the Tyrrhenian Sea. Many people get confused, referring to it as ‘la Costa Rei’ but that is not the name of the coast, it is the name of the town! Costa Rei is not a village, it is an area surrounded by nature, and is mainly made up of second homes.

What you will find in Costa Rei
Unspoilt nature, an extraordinary sea, an 8km-long white sandy beach, tranquillity, the simplicity of small shops, a relaxing holiday that will help you unwind and disconnect from your hectic life.

What you will NOT find in Costa Rei
The chaos, the traffic, the noise: you won’t find hotels or hotels with big buildings that cover the sea view; Costa Rei is suitable for families with children, you won’t find discos or crowded places, the animation and the nightlife are very soft: this means that if you are looking for parties, loud music, opportunities to make a mess until late, this is NOT the place for you.


Costa Rei is about 30 km and 25 minutes by car from the town of Muravera, 76 km from Cagliari and 24 km from Villasimius. The tourist resort of Costa Rei extends for about 10 km from the area of Porto Pirastu to Cala Sinzias.




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Costa Rei is the ideal place for families with children, it is a very quiet place where the sea reigns all year round. Costa Rei’s incredible beach of fine white sand stretches for 8 km from Punta Santa Giusta (where Peppino’s rock is located) to the Capo Ferrato cliffs, overlooking a crystal-clear, clean sea that has nothing to envy from Caribbean destinations.

The beach of Costa Rei is TOTALLY FREE except from the areas of the villages and kiosks where sunbeds and umbrellas are offered. The beach of Costa Rei is immersed in the Mediterranean maquis and gently slopes towards the turquoise and deep blue sea. The sandy and shallow seabed is the favourite of children who can swim on the seashore without any danger, thanks also to the always calm and safe waters under the watchful eye of the lifeguards.

In 2009, the resort received the ‘Travel blogger award’ from the prestigious ‘Lonely Planet’ travel guide publisher, which included Costa Rei among the world’s 10 most beautiful beaches.

Spending your holidays in this resort leaves you with wonderful memories and the knowledge that you have experienced moments of peace and fun in the midst of Sardinia’s still wild nature.

A holiday in Costa Rei means treating yourself to an unforgettable and exclusive trip, experiencing the most beautiful sea you can imagine.

The area of Scoglio di Peppino is the symbol of Costa Rei, it is a white granite formation in the shape of a whale, 100m long and 25m wide, formed by rocks that emerge in the middle of the sand and create natural pools with water that becomes very hot in the sun and is absolutely transparent.

The water is always calm and the shallow water is reminiscent of the Maldivian atolls. The white sand reflects the sunlight and allows you to see fish swimming among the rocks, even out of the water.

In the past, it seems that a fisherman named Peppino used to fish near the rock, so the story of Peppino’s rock gave rise to the name of the rock in homage to the fisherman who had created a daily relationship with the rock, and had become a daily fishing companion, this seems to be the legend of Peppino’s rock.

It is not known whether the story is true or not, but it conveys its charm about this rock that seems to be a sentinel watching over the beach.

In September Costa Rei offers fantastic days, the temperature remains around 28/30 degrees and the water temperature around 25/26 degrees, the sea takes on bright colours thanks to the mistral wind that in this period refreshes the air eliminating all traces of humidity. It is the ideal period for a holiday with children, before the start of the schools.

In October, Costa Rei empties of tourists from the summer months, the temperature is always high, even above 25 degrees, the water temperature is around 23/24 degrees and it is a pleasure to take a refreshing dip. Autumn in south-eastern Sardinia is different from other parts of the island, where the climate is mild until November.

Staying in Costa Rei: from the classic holiday villages, to camping by the sea, to flats and holiday homes, or super-luxury hotels, the choice is varied. The most popular solution for families who want to go on holiday in Costa Rei is perhaps renting a holiday home or flat. For those looking for maximum relaxation, there are famous holiday villages such as the Free Beach or the Villaggio Santa Giusta, where scenes from Striscia La Notizia Estate were filmed for years with models Juliana Moreira, Giorgia Palmas and cycling champion Vittorio Brumotti.the recent 5-star hotel La Villa Del Re, directly on the sea in the resort near Sant’Elmo, just a few minutes from Costa Rei, is definitely aimed at wealthy tourists. 

The main activity of those who come on holiday to Costa Rei is undoubtedly that of ‘relaxation’, sunbathing on the fine white sand and diving into the warm clear sea water (in August it is over 28 degrees).

But there is also the possibility of exploring the uncontaminated areas of the Mediterranean maquis by horse riding in the riding school of Iba Sa Cresia (after Rei marina), riding at dawn on the still deserted beach is truly incredible.

The magic of Costa Rei’s nature: from rides on the beach at dawn or at sunset, to walks on the beach in the company of the sound of waves and seagulls, you can rediscover our natural relationship with nature and animals.

This video I shot in spring with the meadows in bloom and the horses running free tells the story of the soul of nature, the true protagonist of this magical place.

The nature of Capo Ferrato: at the end of the long, endless beach, a pine forest by the sea awaits you for a picnic in the shade of the trees.

For those who love swimming in the Sardinian Caribbean sea, there are various diving centres such as AllDive or the Sporting Yacht Club, where you can also obtain diving licences and rent boats to visit the coves that are inaccessible on foot. In Rei Marina, the Kite Surf school allows everyone to take up this sport.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where is Costa Rei?

The tourist resort of Costa Rei is a seaside hamlet belonging to the municipality of Muravera in the Sarrabus region of south-eastern Sardinia and faces the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Why is it called Costa Rei?

Its name seems to derive either from the nearby Cala Regina (Reina) (near Cagliari) and therefore Costa del Reo, or from the fact that in the 19th century there was a penal colony in nearby Castiadas where prisoners (rei) worked on the reclamation of marshy (and malarial) areas, hence Costa del Reo.

Costa Rei or Costa Rey?

The correct name is Costa Rei and not Costa Rey and the mountain is Nai and not Nay.

How many km are there between Cagliari and Costa Rei?

Costa Rei is 76 km from Cagliari.

How many km are there between Costa Rei and Villasimius?

Costa Rei is 24 km from Villasimius.

How many km are there between Costa Rei and Muravera?

Costa Rei is about 30 km and 25 minutes by car from the town of Muravera.

How long is the beach at Costa Rei?

The beach of Costa Rei extends for about 8 km from the area of Punta Santa Giusta to Capo Ferrato.

How long is the tourist season in Costa Rei?

The tourist season in Costa Rei lasts about 7 months from April to October.

Which is the most beautiful beach in Costa Rei?

The most beautiful beach in Costa Rei is located near the Scoglio di Peppino where the beach starts.

Which are the supermarkets in Costa Rei?

The supermarkets in Costa Rei are the Rei Market, the Market Monte Nai, the Market Centro Casa, the G3 market in Rei Marina.

Which is the best pizzeria in Costa Rei?

The best pizzeria you can eat at in Costa Rei is “Su Tostoini”, which is not in Costa Rei but in San Pietro on the road to Villasimius.

Which is the best restaurant in Costa Rei?

The best restaurant in Costa Rei is “Sa Cardiga e su Pisci” near piazza Sardegna.

Where can I go in the evening to hear some music in Costa Rei?

There is a piano bar in piazza Sardegna almost every night.

What is the telephone number of the Costa Rei Carabinieri station?

Police Station Costa Rei Piazza Rey Marina (seasonal) tel. +39 070 9916112

Stazione Carabinieri Muravera Via Europa, 6 tel. +39 070 9930522

Carabinieri Station Loc. Castiadas Centro tel. +39 070 9946002

Traffic Police, Via Roma tel. +39 070 9930524

What is the telephone number of the Forestry Corps in Costa Rei?

Corpo Forestale Vigilanza Ambientale, Loc. Cala Sinzias tel. +39 070 995182

Corpo Forestale Vigilanza Ambientale, Via delle Coccinelle tel. +39 070 9930545

What is the telephone number of the hospital of Muravera?

Hospital of Muravera , Viale Rinascita

Public Relations Office tel. +39 070 609 7712

Emergency Room +39 070 609 7735- +30 070 993 0459

Emergency Medical Service (at the Hospital) +39 070 609 7737

Vaccination Clinic, Via Marconi +39 070 993 1236

Outpatient Clinic, (at the Hospital) +39 070 609 7730

Mental Health Centre, Via Verdi +39 070 993 1307

What is the telephone number of the banks in Costa Rei?

Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, Via dei Platani 09043, Muravera tel. +39 070 9931654

Banco di Sardegna, Via Roma 150, 09043, Muravera, tel. +39 070 9930553

Banco di Sardegna SNC, Loc. Olia Speciosa 09040, Castiadas, tel. +39 070 9949248

What is the telephone number of the post office in Castiadas?

Castiadas Loc. Olia Speciosa, tel. +39 070 9949061

What is the telephone number of the Municipality of Muravera?

Municipality of Muravera,Via Europa,1 tel. +39 070 99000

What is the telephone number of the Municipality of Castiadas?

Town of Castiadas, Loc. Olia Speciosa tel. +39 070 994501

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